A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

White Mirror is a 2D-platformer in which the screen is split horizontally in its middle.

We can see an environment and its reflection, which is a perfect inversion of the other one.

Platforms, traps and enemies in white only appear on the black background and the other way around, black ones only appear on the white background.

However, they exist in both sides.

Players must combine both information to see the level how it really is.

· Colette PLESSIER Game Artist


· Dorian DESPLATS Sound designer

· Zoé SEMPÉ & Antoine BROUSSE Game & Level Designer

· Maxime MAURIN & Marc CERUTTI Programmers


White Mirror - Linux 46 MB
White Mirror - Windows 46 MB

Install instructions

· Download the .zip file

· Extract the content of the .zip file

· Launch the WhiteMirror.exe

(· If you have a warning message, ignore it and execute the program (we're not trying to hack you, we promise))


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super jeu video genial ceci dit c est moi qui etait au flip a partenet et je vous souhaite  bonne continuation et aussi j'aurais le droit de montrer mes pb speedrun du jeu sur youtube car oui je compte le speedrun cordialement noam

Merci beaucoup ! Content que tu apprécies le jeu :) Hâte de voir ça


I love your game !

Great game design, great UX. I’m really impressed by games that can avoid tutorial. Controls are simple, every interaction is crystal clear. Yet you need to think through some twisted mechanics to reach the end. Really good job guys 👍

Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed it :)

Hey, the black banner hides part of the text on the right, including comments. Any way to offset it a little?

Thanks for your feedback.

We are trying to solve the problem :)

Interesting, the problem is fixed on the main page, but not on the dedicated comments page https://teogaillard.itch.io/white-mirror/comments because you’ve limited the height of the black section, which is enough on the main page, while the comments page show comments at the top. But enough for now!

(maybe it would be nice to be able to select a different background on the dedicated comments page? feel free to drop a suggestion on the itch.io forum if you cannot find another solution)

Unfortunatly it seems it is not possible to give a specific background to the comments page :( We'll check it out better  and try to provide a solution. Thanks for your feedbacks!