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Welcome to Lost in Depiction!

Lost in Depiction is a walking-sim vania in which you embody Everest, entering an art gallery after beeing appealed by its lights and noises while walking back home.

Soon after her arrival to the gallery, she discovers something strange with this place. A work in progress exhibition where she cannot find anyone working, despite what she perceived from the outside.

Then, you discover what's truly the reason behind the oddness of this place:

By touching the paintings, you dive into them and land into the depicted scene.


The Prism

The Prism is a mysterious artifact, used as a tool in order to get out of the paintings.

Ability wheel

By choosing one of its abilities, you can affect the painting space in which you are: enlight a place with the Lux, discover hidden objects the painters left with the Infodi...

Odilon and Ophelia

"At a time when everyone believed images captured souls, it is said that an alchemist managed to channel this energy to give paintings life. His name was Odilon, and he was madly in love with the portrait of a woman, Ophelia. Odilon gave her life, but everything didn’t go as planned.

Ophelia awakened as a shapeless and cruel creature, who fled into other paintings. Driven by his blind love, Odilon started chasing her, in a never-ending pursuit, from painting to painting."

By travelling from painting to painting, solve the mysteries behind this old folk tale and put an end to the story!


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